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Download torrent Tomorrow Was Yesterday

Download torrent Tomorrow Was Yesterday

Tomorrow Was Yesterday by Edward Schneider

Tomorrow Was Yesterday
Author: Edward Schneider
Number of Pages: 440 pages
Published Date: 17 Mar 2014
Publisher: Publishamerica
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781611023732
Download Link: tomorrow was yesterday

The bonds we form as children shape our lives providing memories that linger until destiny uses these remembrances for future events. Fossil fuels are aloof and every home, car and factory has more free fuel than can be used in forever. Space is conquered with little effort and who said time travel is not possible. Can we understand what casualties will betray us as we seek life in a changed world? The task of dealing with this new energy is carried to the universe but not without major help from the three main charters. It takes the CIA and science to blend forces as the world makes a transition to this unknown energy source. Who will lose when the uses of fossil fuels are eliminated? No one or no country in the oil business is willing to accept total financial bankruptcy as one man has the power to provide free fuel. An Earth with no fossil fuel exhaust makes for breathing again and a touch of love in the air. Take time to read about our future and enjoy this book.

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